Bulk Laser Cutouts (Pre Designed Wood Jewelry Only)

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How it Works

Ex: 25 Set Option = Africa Outline Earring (5); Ankh Earring (10); Circle Earring (5); Heart Earring (5)

Place order by selecting the size, quantity and name of the earring(s) you desire from the Pre-Designed Jewelry Collection. USE EXACT NAME OF PRODUCT. NO ENGRAVING/MIXED OPTION FOR BULK ITEMS. Engraved/mixed earrings must be purchased separately or via wholesale. 

All orders are subject to 5 different earring options. Earrings are to be broken into increments of 5, meaning you are able to have 5 different earring designs in groups of 5, 10, 15 -100. Be very specific in your description so that we can cut your order precisely.

NOTICE: If you order earrings at 1 inch and they are too fragile to cut, we will NOT replace them. Please reference original listing to see if it is offered at 1 inch. If it is not, then we don't suggest ordering earrings with multiple words and intricate designs that small.

If the quantity that you select does not cover the final selected set, we will cut the remaining items based on your 1st option listed. Meaning if you select a set of 25 but only include 4 different earring options totaling (20 sets) the final set will be the 1st earring design you indicated.

All earrings will have a hole unless otherwise stated.

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