Metallic Acrylic - Pre-Designed Earrings Option

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You are now able to get earrings in acrylic form!

  • All custom cutouts are made from 1/8 inch or 3mm acrylic.
  • Quantity: Our jewelry products are sold in sets of 5. Therefore, Qty. 1 = 5 pairs.

Plastic finish

Metallic finish acrylic sheet available in Gold, Chrome or Bronze finish.

Laser Cutting
Acrylic cuts really well and leaves a nice, polished finish on the cut sides. It’s great for fine detail cutting. We keep the paper on when cutting so the surfaces stay nice and shiny.

Protective paper

Applied front and back (will need to be peeled off when received)

If you desire custom acrylic cutouts in the quantity of 1, refer to the custom acrylic listing here and choose other from the "Choose Design Shape" dropdown.

Important to note: Small, intricate cut designs can experience burning from the laser. If you desire a piece like this, please note that they will be fragile, and no replacements or refunds will be given. Also note that all designs do not look good with every material, keep this in mind when choosing your designs. There are NO engraving options for these earrings. However, all engraving option can be outlined.

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