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Hello Future & Current Business Owners! Thank you so much for your interest in my expertise in creating not 1 but 2 successful businesses in under 5 years!

I’ve been creating jewelry since 2016 and it has been a very lucrative source of cash flow. Many people often ask me questions such as:

  • 1) How do I get to where you are in business?
  • 2) How do you stay motivated?
  • 3) How do I get my followers/views to grow naturally?
  • 4) How do I make consistent sales?
  • 5) How do you know which equipment to purchase?

So I decided to create a opportunity where I can answer those questions for you.

Why me as your mentor?

During the pandemic, fiscal year 2020, I matched my income from my normal 9-5 job and created the option to leave my "good government job" to pursue my businesses full-time. Since then I have sustained an additional monthly income of 5k - 10k monthly. In 2021, I cleared over 90k between both my business and am continuing to grow quarterly!

Reason for outreach?

I decided to offer my mentorship because of the constant request for guidance. I decided the best course of action would be to create monthly mentorship sessions for those serious about their business and wanting to increase their cash flow. I am offering this class through this specific business because overall, that was my goal for my business, "to help other business owners sale products to their client base, by cutting out the middle man and having a source within the US for there merchandise".

I personally, have a mentor, so I understand the importance and value of mentorship and guidance. I decided that I could be a vessel to those within my industry and help other people successfully grow their business with the knowledge I have.

Mentorship Sessions Sign-Up Info:

Classes will be held 1 week or from the sign up date or the date you make your purchase. We will work together to schedule the best day and time if 1 week or does not work. 

We will meet for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  

Disclaimer: I am offering advice in the area of expertise that I possess, which is laser cutting and jewelry making. If you wish to sign-up, please understand that the information provided is based on my experience, but the premise of my knowledge can be applied to various areas. Results are not typical and they do require WORK. 

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