XO Earrings - Just Add Findings!

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You are now able to get complete earrings designs, all you have to do is add the findings!

  •  Quantity: Our jewelry products are sold in sets of 5. Therefore, Qty. 1 = 5 pairs.
  •  Earring Specifications: Roughly 2 inches in length

General Information Regarding Materials:

  • Protective Paper on Acrylic: Applied to the front and back (will need to be peeled off when received)
  • Printed MDF: Use alcohol to remove soot from surface. 
Best jump rings to use: 
For the best jump rings, we recommend using the rings from our store. Unlike normal jump rings purchase from local craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, our jump rings are made specifically for our earrings. They are 6mm & 8mm which size is ordinarily not found in local craft stores. Click here to purchase.

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