ceo about us page


Hey ya'll!

I'm Monet Davis-Kelsey. I'm a 33 years young, mother of 1 and wife.

Some fun facts about me?

  • Currently seeking my PhD,
  • I have two masters degrees,
  • I was a band dancer in college (Bowie State University),
  • Obsessed with Reeces peanut butter cups,
  • I'm an introvert with some extrovert tendencies,
  • I'm a Aries,
  • In 2016, I went on 12 vacations, traveling and touching down two 3 different continents,
  • I prefer hot chocolate of coffee,
  • I own two business,
  • Extremely organized,
  • My personal style is Boho-Moroccan,
  • And I'm very frugal!

I decided to create 'The Clearest Cuts' as an attempt to support other women in business. With my other company, 'My Melanin Crafts', I'd seen substantial growth and generated additional income while making and selling handmade jewelry. After seeing this success, I ventured into custom cutouts which sparked my passion to design custom laser-cut items.

I started this process with an oversees distributer, but after a year or so, I got the desire to create and cut my own designs. After thorough research I purchased the equipment I needed and The Clearest Cuts was established in November 2019!


"Whether you are an individual designer or a large corporation we offer laser cutting and laser engraving services to help you transform your ideas into a precision tangible product"

While we cut a variety of materials, our niche products are our pre-designed earrings for other jewelry makers!

As we grow, we plan to expand the products and the variety that we offer. Stay tuned for the growth journey!