Custom OUTLINED Dye Cut Wood Shape Cutout- Unfinished Wooden Cutout (Ready to Paint or Stain)

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Why not let us do the cutting? Just upload or send us your design in JPEG or SVG format. We'll run your file on the laser cutter and ship it out. The maximum thickness is 3mm (1/8 inch) or 5mm (1/4 inch) and all birch plywood items can be painted, stained, or left unfinished for a rustic look. The maximum size we can cut is 30(w) inches by 40(h) inches. This means that the maximum circle/cylinder shape is a 30” circumference. If your designs proportions are larger than our available dimensions, we will size your image down to meet our dimensions. NOTE: This could mean your image will look slightly unproportioned, so edit accordingly.
We simply charge a flat fee to run your file based on the material thickness. You can also send your files to with your order number in the subject line after purchasing.

Please follow these instructions exactly. We will run your file exactly as submitted.
You must submit the image/file to be cut at the same time as the laser cutting services. (Otherwise, we don't know what to cut.) Our wood cutouts are sold individually. Therefore, Qty. 1 = (1) cutouts.

If you have more than one file type, please name so that we'll know which file goes with what size and thickness. For example - "1.8th, Tree, 5 inch.jpeg"

Acceptable File Types:
• Your JPEG file must be a BLACK & WHITE high-resolution jpeg file. Images of acceptable formatting designs are in the pictures; scroll through to see examples of acceptable artwork.
• SVG FILES must be sized to be the same as the design you order -- maximum 30 inches (w) x 40 (h) inches.

We will interpret your SVG file exactly as follows:
• Black lines are CUT all the way through. Cut lines must have a line thickness of 0.001" (0.072pt) or else they will be ignored. This is called "hairline" in CorelDraw. In Illustrator or other design programs, you set the "stroke width" to be 0.001" or 0.072pt.
• Pink lines are SCORED/OUTLINED (cut about halfway through the material). Scored lines must have a line thickness of 0.001" (0.072pt) or else they will be ignored. This is called "hairline" in CorelDraw. In Illustrator or other design programs, you set the "stroke width" to be 0.001" or 0.072pt.
• Green FILL areas are etched/engraved. Any embedded image is etched/engraved.
• Any other colors are IGNORED.

There is a 2-day RESPONSE turnaround time for custom orders. We will only reach out to confirm placement or if there is another design related question. If the design is straight forward and there are no questions we will not reach out. Should you desire a proof of your project before we cut, you will need to indicate that through messages or via a “note to seller”. The “clock” starts after our first initial attempt regarding your design. You will have two days (48 hours) to respond. If no response is received, you forfeit the right to adjust the design that is sent, and we move forward to the production (cut) phase. That is why it is vital for you to be clear with your instructions and project detail. The more details the better!

~~~~~~~~~~~ How To Order~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1st- Send the digital image you would like us to make to confirm if the shape/design can be made if you are unsure if it meets our qualifications. We require the image to be black and white JPEG ready not PNG. Note: We do not open links that lead us to websites or virtual folders, so you would need to provide us with the appropriate file types we request. REMEMBER THE CLEARER THE DESIGN, THE CLEANER THE CUT!

2nd- Select size of shape you want and the thickness you desire (if applicable) (Again, no design will be provided prior to checkout if you do not indicate it to us in the note to seller or via messages).

3rd- Complete checkout. (If the shape cannot be done. Your payment will be refunded)

5 Star Service (Main Goal)
Please feel free to contact us at any time for any questions. Our goal is for your 100% satisfaction. If you would like to make a large order, please send us a message.

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